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The ultimate triathlon holiday adventure

New Zealand is a world-renowned travel destination, boasting diverse landscapes made famous from feature films, a truly friendly and inviting local population and some of the most active and invigorating adventure activities. Mark and Daniel, a couple of passionate ‘kiwi’ triathlon fans want to share it with the triathlon community, in their own unique way.


Triathlon has a long and dedicated following among the small island population, with New Zealand boasting the longest-running Ironman event outside of Kona. There are two premier full-course races evenly shared between to two major islands and another four 70.3 or half-distance events that take place in the more populous North Island. All hosted in spectacular settings, each event has its own personality and offers its own unique challenge. Whether it’s fast and flat on the sunny east coast, alps and alpine lakes in the scenic south or volcanic vistas amongst green native forest, New Zealand has it covered.


The islands of New Zealand boast an almost unrivalled diversity in geological and geographical features within easy travelling distances. Adding to this wonderful setting is the proud history and culture shared between the indigenous Maori inhabitants and the European settlers which colonised this commonwealth nation less than 200 years ago. There are few better examples of such a harmonised and unified contemporary culture than the ‘kiwi’ way of life.


“The thing that passengers always appreciate about touring NZ is the friendly locals they meet along the way”, Dan Horton.


TriAdventuresNZ is a travel company born out of the desire to improve on the typical guided-tour style of travel so popular in New Zealand. Their tours go beyond mere sightseeing to allow participants to adventure into and fully experience these scenic destinations, the way every triathlete longs to do.


“I’ve been running tours showing people our wonderful sights, yet when I duck out for a beautiful trail run or morning ocean swim I wish my passengers could be joining me. I feel there is so much more to offer”. Mark Brinsden


The unique concept involves carefully balanced itineraries to cater for athletes wanting to travel, train and race in one complete holiday. Each itinerary looks after the needs of the athlete, allowing them to adjust to local conditions and keep the blood pumping while in the tapering phase of the race preparation. Training sessions are neatly fitted around visiting famous sights and iconic activities, to provide the best opportunity to experience New Zealand in a way only triathletes can. Local guides are with you every step of the way, training, sightseeing and even joining you for the big race.


“Not only do we have some of the most scenic race events in the world, we also have a thriving adventure tourism industry. We decided to combine the two to create an ultimate triathlon holiday experience” Dan.


TriAdventureNZ invites you to visit the southern hemisphere in your off-season and join them for a race and travel experience like no other.  Visit.  to find out more.  

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