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TriAdventuresNZ is a boutique adventure travel company which provides small-group guided tours around New Zealand. Our tours are catered to triathletes wishing to travel, train and race in the spectacular surroundings that New Zealand offers.


Each tour allows participants to race in one of New Zealand’s half or full Ironman-distance events as well as joining with fellow triathletes to swim, cycle and run our hand-picked training destinations. We have carefully designed our itineraries to highlight local attractions in each of our travel locations while incorporating group training sessions in these beautiful environments. Our experienced triathlete-guides will lead each training session as well as join you for the big race. We are a unique adventure travel company owned and operated by triathletes, for triathletes.


The TriAdventuresNZ Difference


The TriAdventuresNZ concept was born out of passion: for the sport of triathlon, for adventure travel and for sharing the wonderful country of New Zealand. Being so much more than just a booking agent or tour operator, we proudly offer a unique travel experience like no other.


Our custom fitted coach and purpose built trailer take you and your belongings to the places the others can not. Our itineraries are carefully and thoughtfully created to allow you to enjoy the amazing environment of New Zealand. To gain a unique perspective as you train in the local conditions. To bond with fellow athletes and share common interests and experiences. To enjoy the unique attractions of New Zealand and ultimately race one of the best triathlon events in the world.


Your expert guides are alongside you for the entire journey. From informative commentary to race course advice, local knowledge to bike maintenance. Having done it all themselves your guides can ensure each scenario is covered. They understand the unique culture and landscape of New Zealand, your needs as an athlete, and the need to maintain your fitness on your journey to race day.


TriAdventuresNZ is unrivalled in their ability to give you the ultimate triathlon holiday experience.


Our guides


Like any good triathlete, TriAdventureNZ guides wear many hats. Their role as a tour leader is to provide informative and educational commentary about New Zealand as you travel about this wonderful country. They will lead you to discover the island’s unique and fascinating flora and fauna, to learn about contemporary and historic ‘kiwi’ culture and to explore stunning landscapes as you travel, train and race side-by-side. They are also logistical wizards, taking care of all your accommodation and dietary requirements, as well as driving you to all your activities and destinations. Should you need any advice, encouragement or support they are always there for you.



Mark Brinsden


BCom, GradDipSci, BBioMedSci(hons)


Mark has a diverse and interesting background.


Born in Auckland New Zealand he grew up in a rural farm setting and developed a love of sports and the outdoors. His early formative career as a stockbroker and equities trader provided the foundation and opportunity to pursue additional passions and he has gone on to complete further studies and research in the field of biomedical science.


In parallel with his professional pursuits Mark has managed a busy and adventurous lifestyle. He has extensive travel experience having led expeditions to China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and to Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Most recently he led an 8,000 km self sufficient cycle-tour around Europe. A lifetime of outdoors experience at home has gained him a outdoor instructor qualifications and provided extensive knowledge of native flora and fauna as well as New Zealand’s diverse and rich history and culture. Over the last two seasons Mark has excelled as a tour guide working for an award winning tourism company here in New Zealand.


Most recently Mark has turned his skills towards entrepreneurship, combining his love of travel, sports and his passion for this incredible country. He has used his skills, experience and knowledge to design the ultimate guided tours for triathletes in this wonderful playground of New Zealand. As company co – founder, director, driver and guide Mark will ensure your experience in New Zealand is second to none.


Finisher – IMNZ – 2014

Finisher – Rotorua Half – 2013

Finisher – Edinburgh 70.3 – 2017

Finisher – Ironman Canada 70.3 – 2017


Dan Horton



At 35 years of age Dan has managed to fit a lot in.


Born and raised in Auckland he studied engineering before embarking on a career in metal fabrication that took him to locations across New Zealand and around the world. Dan discovered the travel bug at the age of 25 during a trip to Japan and has been on the move ever since, visiting over 30 countries and residing for a time in the United Kingdom and Australia. Having recently returned home after working in managerial roles in major oil and gas projects in Australia, the time away from New Zealand during work and travel has solidified his passion for his country of birth.


Dan’s passion for travel is second only to his passion for triathlon. Discovering the sport at age 26 after falling in love with cycling he can now be described as a career athlete. Since competing for the first time at the Rotorua Half in 2007 he has gone onto complete 28 half or full distance Ironman races in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Austria. His passion for the sport is fueled by his fellow competitors and the incredible stories they bring to the events.


Dan’s life experiences in leadership, travel and triathlon have led him to the unique position of as co – founder, director, driver and guide of TriAdventuresNZ. His passions in life are now proudly his passions in business.


Finisher – Rotorua Half – 2007, 2008

Finisher – IMNZ – 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014

Finisher – IMNZ 70.3 – 2017

Finisher – Challenge Wanaka – 2009

Finisher – Challenge Wanaka Half – 2017

Finisher – Auckland Half Ironman – 2009, 2017

Finisher – Taupo 70.3 – 2016

Finisher – Port of Tauranga Half – 2017

Finisher – Mandurah 70.3 – 2013, 2014

Finisher – Auckland 70.3 – 2013, 2015

Finisher – Ironman Cairns – 2012

Finisher – Ironman Australia – 2012

Finisher – Ironman Western Australia – 2012

Finisher – Ironman Melbourne – 2015

Finisher – Ironman Austria – 2012

Finisher – Branson 70.3 – 2012

Finisher – Steelhead 70.3 – 2012

Finisher – Busselton 70.3 – 2017

Finisher – Edinburgh 70.3 – 2017

Finisher – Ironman Canada 70.3 – 2017

Finisher – Bintan70.3 – 2017



What to expect


Our tours are double guided with space for 14 participants. All accommodation is double/twin share in comfortable quality hotel/motels. We have a brand new Mercedes sprinter to transport you and your luggage, while your bike will safely travel in a custom designed fully enclosed trailer. As per the itinerary, all breakfasts and some lunch/dinners are included as well as hydration for each training session. Each tour includes a number of exciting activities to highlight the best of our travel destinations and also includes your race entry for an ironman-distance triathlon.


An amazing place to visit


New Zealand has long been regarded as one of the worlds finest holiday destinations wowing and impressing visitors from all over the globe year after year.


Simply put, traveling in New Zealand is perfection: spectacular scenery with incredible diversity easily explored via excellent infrastructure and facilities everyplace you want to go.  This island nation has its priorities right, building endless cycling routes,  marked hiking trails strung along with maintained huts, and vast protected conservation lands in the most beautiful landscapes  imaginable.  From pristine rugged coastlines to stunning alpine fiords and teeming temperate rainforests, there is an unmatched abundance of natural beauty in this small captivating country.  Nearly every town has an aquatic center, and every conceivable sport is accommodated as you navigate thru the wonders of the land.  It seems New Zealand was created specifically for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers!
But what really puts New Zealand off the charts is the people and their way of life. Their values are perfectly aligned  with the exceptional physical surroundings they treasure.  The Golden Rule truly rules and taking pride in one’s work is the norm.  As the world’s first country to grant women the right to vote, their embrace of equality for all pervades the culture in deep meaningful ways.  The rich indigenous culture of the Maori people is vital to the nation’s identity and flourishes here.  Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their social/economic/ethnic background, and the courtesy and helpfulness of the Kiwis is simply astounding.  Shopper demands combine with naturally rich volcanic soils and clean ocean waters to produce the highest quality local foods found anywhere, especially important for sports junkies!  With an increasing immigrant population, excellent international cuisine is widely available.  When I toured New Zealand, it all seemed too good to be true so I returned  to live here permanently and discovered that indeed, it’s really that good!  Can’t be beat anyplace on earth.
Amy Ohlberg – Pittsburgh USA

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