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Triathlon holidays

 Traveling in the offseason to Ironman races


Winter is the perfect time to hop a plane and head for the opposite side of the world for a second summer of triathlon racing, Triathlon holidays are a great way to consolidate all the training and hard work put in over the summer and to keep the momentum rolling through autumn. Combining a race with some travel and a winter holiday is the best motivation to stay fit and strong all year round.

Chasing summer


With winter firmly in place here in New Zealand it’s the perfect time to head to the warmer side of the globe and flip the seasons on their head. The timing couldn’t be any better with my tapering period coinciding with a bit of snow sports here at Mt Hutt skifield  in Canterbury. I have managed to sneak in a touch of “cross training” on the snowboard as the winter started to sap my enthusiasm for training. Luckily it’s been a great buildup here through the beautiful New Zealand autumn. Nothing motives quite like a race event and having Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh and Ironman Whistler on the horizon I have had ample motivation to keep pushing myself as the mercury slowly drops.

Tri Travel


Triathlon is a truly international sport with new race destinations popping up each season. This year we’ve chosen to attend the inaugural Ironman 70.3 in Edinburgh and Ironman Canada which is being held in Whistler. Two deliberately cooler race destinations where we expect the events to enjoy strong local support and a social environment either side of the race. There are many considerations when looking for an overseas triathlon holiday and race conditions should be high on your list. While there a plenty of more tropical race events it can be difficult to find the ideal combination of holiday destination and suitable race course.


Flying with Tri Bikes


Having previously flown with bikes in soft bags and cardboard boxes I am thrilled with the convenience of a good quality bike bag like the EVOC bag made for the Cervelo P5. These terrific bags provide ample room for your bike, race gear and can hold a heap more stuff depending on your luggage allowance. Not only do they give you great piece of mind that your bike is travelling happily but they give a real sense of cool when you’re travelling around on the ground. Like the bikes themselve there is some kudos to be enjoyed by having nice gear and getting a chance to use it regularly.



Well it’s almost time to catch my flight so i’ll tune in later with an update on our triathlon adventure.


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