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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Do I need to be an experienced long-distance triathlete?

  • No, we will support first time athletes. We ask that you have a level of fitness conducive to group training and sufficient to complete the race you have chosen. A good gauge would be to ask someone at your Tri club who is an experienced athlete and we are more than happy to provide advice and guidance along the way.


How many places are available on each tour?

  • Each tour has 14 places available and is supported by two guides.


How do I choose my desired race distance?

  • You choose which distance race you want to take part in during the booking process and you are charged accordingly. IRONMAN New Zealand  and Challenge Wanaka offer both the full and half distance race options.


Can I bring a companion who is a non competitor?

  • Yes, TriAdventuresNZ have carefully constructed itineraries to accommodate both competitors and non competitors. Group training activities are executed in locations that offer optional activities or time to relax for passengers who won’t be competing. The tour cost for non-competitors is reduced by the amount of the applicable race entry, simply select the non-competitor option from the drop down menu at the check out.


Are there tour options for duathlon or short-course triathlon?

  • Yes, the Auckland Half Ironman doubles as the National Aqua Bike Championship and both the Rotorua Half and Auckland Half offer a short-course option. Simply select which race format you’d like to enter in the drop down menu at the checkout. Tour prices are adjusted accordingly.


Is there a team relay option?

  • Yes, Challenge Wanaka offers team relay options in both the half and full distance race. Rotorua Half and Auckland Half both offer a relay option for both the half and short-course. If you are a team of three who wish to travel together your ticket price will be adjusted accordingly. Contact us for more details.


If I qualify (or go close to) for Kona at IRONMAN New Zealand or the Championship at Challenge Wanaka will I be able to attend roll down and registration?

  • Yes, in the event you qualify for Kona, or you are close enough to get a roll down spot, or you qualify for The Championship at Challenge Wanaka. TriAdventuresNZ will ensure you are able to attend the roll down and registration.


Are the training activities compulsory?

  • No, while we thoroughly encourage you to take part in all the spectacular training activities we have organised, none are compulsory. We appreciate you are on holiday and if you wish to rest, relax, sleep in, or do an activity not included in the itinerary you are welcome to do so.


Are the training rides supported?

  • Both guides will ride with the group and control the conditions on the road to ensure everyones safety. There will be no support vehicle.


What weather should we expect?

  • Summer in NZ runs from December through February with average high temperatures ranging from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius (77F). Summer in New Zealand is hot without being muggy. Sunshine hours are high, and rain is not overly common in most places. However, it is important to understand that because NZ is an South Pacific island with a temperate maritime climate the weather can be very changeable with wind and rain possible any time of year.


Is there time to do activities not included in the tour?

  • Yes, we have carefully constructed the itineraries to maximise your time in New Zealand. TriAdventuresNZ are experts in New Zealand tourism and have included the must see attractions as well as allowing  for free time in major destinations for optional activities such as jet boating, skydiving, bungy, etc. Our guides will help you to arrange optional activities during the tour.


Do I need to enter/register for the race?

  • TriAdventuresNZ as a booking agent has secured your place, your place in the race is guaranteed and your entry is included in the ticket price. After you have made a booking with TriAdventuresNZ  we will then provide you with the information required to complete the registration process and the applicable waivers. Waivers must be signed by you as a competitor and we cannot complete this step on you behalf.


Payment Options

Can I make a deposit to secure my place on your tour?


  • Yes, if you would like to guarantee one of the limited spaces available on our tour you can choose to make a 30% DEPOSIT to secure your booking. Simply enter the coupon code DEPOSIT30 and continue to place your order using one of the payment options. You will receive an email receipt of your deposit as well as an NZD invoice for the remaining 70% which needs to be paid in full 65 days prior to the tour start. (After 1/10/17 the coupon code will no longer work and bookings will need to be paid in full)



What are my payment options?


Direct Bank Transfer (TT)

  • At the CHECKOUT page simply select this option by checking the box next to DIRECT BANK TRANSFER and continue to place your order. You will then receive an email invoice from TriAdventuresNZ detailing all the information you require to make the international TT payment. Please check your junk mail incase this email has been filtered. We will hold your place on the desired tour for 7 days and will provide a receipt and final booking confirmation once the payment has been received.


Credit Card Payment (Stripe)

  • You can elect to pay directly through our website using Stripe, our integrated payment gateway. Stripe accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express and supports over 130 currencies. This payment option includes a 3% FINANCIAL TRANSACTION FEE for the service and is added on to the total purchase price. Simply select this option by checking the box next to CREDIT CARD (STRIPE) and place your order.



Traveling with a bicycle

Will my bike be safe and secure?

  • Yes, being triathletes ourselves we understand the importance of bicycle transport! Upon arrival at your accommodation at either Auckland or Christchurch you will have the opportunity to reassemble your bike. It will then be stored, secured and transported around New Zealand in our custom built full-enclosed trailer which utilises proride 598 racks to keep them safe and secure. Our own bikes including a Cervelo P5X and P5 will travel in the same manner as your own bike. Your bike will be stored in such a way that it will not clash or bump into any others during its journey around New Zealand.


Do I need to bring my bike case/bag on the tour?

  • No, we have arranged with the accommodation in Auckland and Christchurch to securely store your bike bags for the duration of the tour. You will have an opportunity at the end of the tour to disassemble and put your bike back into its travel case/bag.


Will I be able to access my bike during the tour?

  • Yes, we have arranged several group rides that will give you the opportunity to retrieve and use your bike. We ask that if you need to do any maintenance on your bike you use these times to do so.


What if I have a mechanical failure during the tour?

  • Many repairs can be carried out by your guides. TriAdventuresNZ carry bike stands and tools and some shimano parts on tour with them. Major repairs can be carried out at numerous bike shops during the tour TriAdventuresNZ will ensure your bike is race ready come race day.


What do I need to bring?

  • Bring what you would usually take on any race day. Spare tubes or tub, multi-tool and tyre levers. We will be riding on open roads and need to be prepared for tyre punctures.


Do you offer hire bicycles?

  • We strongly encourage athletes to bring their own bicycles. Most major airlines such as Air New Zealand will accept bicycles as part of their checked luggage while smaller airlines charge a small fee for sporting equipment. If this is not possible for you we may be able to arrange a bike hire if it is absolutely necessary.


My bike is unusual shape, are you still able to securely transport it?

  • Yes, we have designed the trailer to be able to accommodate all TT, road and triathlon bicycle types.

I’m traveling with a second wheel set or disc, can you securely transport and secure them/it?

  • Yes, we recommend you travel with an ‘all occasions’ wheel set but if you wish to bring a disc or second wheel set we have room in the trailer to transport them.

Traveling in a group

I’m traveling with my partner, will we have a private room?

  • Yes, when you book a tour you will be sent a questionnaire where you will be able to advise who your traveler partner is,  if you are traveling as a couple you will have queen or king private rooms.


We are traveling as friends, will we share rooms?

  • Yes, when you book a tour you will be sent a questionnaire where you will be able to advise who your traveler partner is TriAdventuresNZ will then put you in share twin rooms with your companion.


We are traveling as a group, will we be able to share accommodation?

  • TriAdventuresNZ has a variety of accommodation booked for your tour, including 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and we will endeavour to keep groups together where possible.

Traveling solo

I’m traveling alone, will I have my own room?

  • TriAdventuresNZ will pair solo travelers of the same sex at the beginning of the tour and you will have ‘share twin’ rooms. If you can’t be paired with someone of the same sex you will have your own room.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

What meals are included?

  • TriAdventuresNZ will provide all of your breakfasts, some lunches and some dinners. See the day-to-day itinerary breakdown for more details.


What nutrition is provided?

  • TriAdventuresNZ provides PURE™ Sports Nutrition during the tour. We supply the electrolyte hydration range during and after group training activities and whey protein range after longer training activities. We also carry stock for purchase should you desire it. We recommend that if you prefer a particular brand of nutrition for race day that your bring or source it before the event. Each event will supply race day nutrition – details can be found on the event website.


Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

  • Yes, when you book a tour with TriAdventuresNZ we will send you a questionnaire where you can advise of any special dietary needs. We will then plan and ensure we are able to cater to them.  The restaurants and cafes we visit have GF, vegan and vegetarian options.

Safety and medical information

What if I have an accident?

  • Your  safety is our first priority and in the event of an accident TriAdventuresNZ will implement its safety plan. Both guides are first aid trained and will administer aid to an injured party. If the situation requires a passenger be taken to a medical facility TriAdventuresNZ will facilitate this by either driving you to a medical facility (if practicable) or by way of ambulance.
  • TriAdventuresNZ guides will also carry on their person first aid kits on all group excursions, as well as in the bus.


What is the emergency number in New Zealand?

  • The emergency number in New Zealand is 111 this number will put you through to dispatch for emergency services.
  • TriAdventuresNZ will also carry at all times (in the bus) a list of contacts for medical facilities and hospitals in the destinations you will be traveling to.


How safe are the roads in New Zealand?

  • To minimise the risk of using public roads TriAdventuresNZ have constructed group rides in low volume traffic areas and each ride will have a safety briefing before departure to ensure your safety. 


I have a medical condition, are there services available in case of an emergency?

  • After you have booked a tour with TriAdventuresNZ you will be sent a questionnaire asking you to detail any medical conditions, we need to collect this data to secure your race entry to any of the 6 races we attend. This information is private and confidential and is for the sole purpose of ensuring your safety.
  • If your medical condition requires specialist attention please contact us.



Traveling with children

Are children able to travel with TriAdventures?

  • Due to the activities included and the race regulations no persons younger than 18 years old are able to travel with TriAdventuresNZ.


Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance?

  • Yes, TriAdventures requires you take out travel insurance and we ask for a copy of your policy to ensure your safety. We have taken every possible step to keep you and your possessions safe and deliver you to your race destination without incident, however things can occur that are out of our control. Flight changes and cancellations are beyond our control and natural disasters can occur. Travel insurance is very important as we want to ensure you and your fellow passengers enjoy an unforgettable experience in New Zealand.
  • Please see the insurance section of our Terms and Conditions

Visa Information

Do I need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

  • You do not need a visa to visit New Zealand if you are:
    • A New Zealand or Australian citizen or resident,
    • A UK citizen and/or passport holder (you can stay up to six months), or
    • A citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand (you can stay up to three months).

If you do not meet the above, then you will need a visitor visa, which allows you to holiday in New Zealand for up to nine months. If you are applying as an individual the easiest and cheapest way to apply for a visitor visa is online. If you are traveling with a partner, family or group, you should submit a paper application.

Currency information

What currency does New Zealand use?

  • New Zealand’s local currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) most foreign currencies can be exchanged at any of New Zealand’s International airports or at local banks. ATM machines are also available in every destination we visit.

What should I bring?

For training sessions and your race you will need to bring the following items with you

  • Road or TT bicycle suitable for triathlon.
  • Bike bag or box suitable for air travel.
  • Helmet that meets WTC standards.
  • Cycling shoes.
  • Running shoes suitable for triathlon and medium grade trails.
  • Swimming wet suit that meets WTC requirements.
  • Triathlon suit or similar for race and group training events.
  • Goggles for open water and pool swimming.
  • A hydration pack – camelback or similar (Challenge Wanaka tour only)



Arrival information

What is the best way to get to my accommodation from the airport?

  • Taxi from the airport to your accommodation in either Auckland or Christchurch, will be approximately  $30-$50 NZD.  
  • Airport  shuttle buses run  to the cities and  bookings can be made at      
    • Auckland $35 NZD (approx) 
    • Christchurch $25 NZD (approx)
  • Public transport (bus) is available but will is available but will require a connection mid route.


Tipping information

Is tipping compulsory?

  • Tips are not included in your tour cost. While tips are not common in certain sectors of New Zealand, if you feel you have received an excellent service and you choose to acknowledge this with a tip it will be most appreciated.

Keeping in touch with home

Does the accommodation have wifi?

  • all of the accommodation we use has wifi available, most free of charge, some incur a usage fee.



Can I get a SIM card at the airport?

  • Yes, the major telecommunications providers in New Zealand are ‘Spark’ and ‘Vodafone’ and you can purchase SIM cards at both Auckland and Christchurch international airports.

Accommodation and Transport

What style of accommodation will I be in?

  • TriAdventuresNZ uses quality motel style accommodation that offers great locations and the ability to self cater. The Hotel/Motel names can be found on the itinerary break down.

How will I get around with my luggage and bicycle?

  • TriAdventuresNZ has a brand new air conditioned 16 seat Mercedes Benz Sprinter with internal luggage storage and your bicycle will be securely stored and transported in a purpose built trailer.

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