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25 Jun | Mark | 2 Comments

Triathlon Travel with TriAdventuresNZ

Triathlon holidays  Traveling in the offseason to Ironman races   Winter is the perfect time to hop a plane and head for the opposite side of the world for a second summer of triathlon racing, Triathlon holidays are a great way to consolidate all the training and hard work put in over the summer and to ...


18 Jun | Daniel | No Comments

Shark ends Ironman triathlon swim

Shark ends Ironman triathlon swim.   I did the Western Australia full Ironman in 2012, swam right around the jetty and visibility was amazing, saw a few sting rays, some fish and a lot of sand, but no sharks.   The 2017 70.3 was an entirely different story... I was in the last ...


18 Jun | Daniel | No Comments

The Ultimate Triathlon Adventure

The ultimate triathlon holiday adventure New Zealand is a world-renowned travel destination, boasting diverse landscapes made famous from feature films, a truly friendly and inviting local population and some of the most active and invigorating adventure activities. Mark and Daniel, a couple of passionate ‘kiwi’ triathlon fans want to share it with the triathlon community, ...


18 Jun | Daniel | No Comments

TriAdventuresNZ’s review of the new Cervelo P5X

Cervelo P5X   We have taken delivery of our new steed, the much talked about and long anticipated Cervelo P5X.   The first impression the P5X gives you is that it’s something special, the shape is otherworldly and it resembles a bike of the motorised kind. The second thing you notice is absence of seat ...


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